Sunday, May 9, 2010

In Bloom: Time for DC's Farmers Markets

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  As the weather continues to warm and the sun shines hotter around the DC Metro area, the ever expanding field of Farmer's Markets begin to open. The once limited selection, that boiled down to a choice between Eastern Market and Foggy Bottom, now has blossomed to 25 seasonal and year round markets. In particular, Brookland now boasts two seasonal Farmers' Markets which are both slated to open in the coming weeks. It is a perfect chance to get out enjoy the beautiful weather and support our local and community growers and merchants. If you have any knowledge of DC Farmers Markets not listed on the map, let us know!!! Happy hunting!


Michael Lamm said...

So is the "Historic Brookland Farmers Market" going to have more than the 3 vendors they had in the past?

Totten Life said...

We shall see. The ongoing conflict caused by Ms. Wolfarth and the Brookland CDC, and their ineptitude in running the Farmers market has put it on permanent hiatus. There is alot going on regarding the CDC and missing funds etc.
There's so much drama in the CDC...
Interesting link to an article in The Heartbeat