Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Violence Erupts in NW Ft. Totten

NBC 4 Reports the following:
"One person died and and three others were injured in a shooting Wednesday night in the Fort Totten neighborhood in northwest Washington, according to D.C. Police.  Police said the incident started in the courtyard of a building on the 5000 block of First Street NW and ended with the four people being shot. Two of the wounded ran to (the 100 Block of) Gallatin Street (NW).
Officials said those shot were among a group of people gathered near a shopping center watching a small fireworks show. Police said it was not clear if all or some of the victims were deliberately targeted.  One person died in the shooting. Another one of the wounded was said to be in critical condition.  Police said two of the victims were juveniles.  Police continue to investigate the incident. They are trying to determine if it is related to a violent incident Tuesday night in the Sherman Circle area."
(Article Here)
WJLA reports that 3 were killed in the early morning outburst between 2 seperate shooting incidents that took place in the NW section of the Ft. Totten Neighborhood.  This is yet another example of the needless juvenille violence that plagues DC, and Ward 5.  It appears that this entire incident stayed on the NW side of Ft. Totten and did not cross North Capital.