Monday, November 15, 2010

Make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS in DC and Ward 5!

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in our Nations Capitol is always a hot point of contention among our leaders and citizens.  It touches almost every aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  Currently more than 3% of D.C.'s population is living with HIV/AIDS- a prevalence rate higher than West Africa. According to the 2009 HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report, this rate has increased 22% from 2006, signaling that a dramatic response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in D.C. is necessary. It is important to note that the disease is not limited to a specific sexual orientation or demographic. D.C. residents of differing races, sexes, and levels socio-economic status have all been affected. Men having sex with men is the leading mode of transmission however; heterosexual transmission and injection drug use are not too far behind in numbers.  These sobering facts often leave people helpless and unsure of what they can do to help.  Well here is your chance to have your voice heard and help fight this menace to our society!
  The D.C. HIV Prevention Community Planning Group (HPCPG), along with the Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and TB Administration (HAHSTA), is looking for people who are interested in finding a solution to the local HIV epidemic. HPCPG is looking for new members to sit on the committee to help guide the city’s approach to HIV/AIDs detection and prevention.  HPCPG members serve two year terms. The HPCPG is currently recruiting new members from all backgrounds, and welcomes unique and differing perspectives on the issue, as we work together to find a solution. Applications for the group are due on December 2nd; therefore it is best to get your application out sooner rather than later.
  The District of Columbia HPCPG guides HIV prevention in the District, along with the DC Department of HAHSTA. Members of the HPGCP are from local communities and/or HIV/AIDS prevention specialists and reflect the District’s diverse population.  The HPCPG is responsible for deciding which populations are in greatest need of HIV prevention services, as well as deciding what the best ways to meet those needs are. HAHSTA, in turn, is responsible for funding programs and services that match the HPCPG’s decisions.
  How can you become involved?  Easy!  There are two ways to participate in the HPGCP...join the HPCPG or come to meetings! The membership application can be downloaded from  Even if you do not join, you are always welcome at any of our meetings. The HPCPG meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month from 5:30-8:00 PM at Department of Health facilities. Meeting dates and times are posted on our website:  If you have the time, or can make the commitment, please take the time to get involved.  Let's make it a priority to help control the HIV/ADS epidemic before it's too late.

Broadway Comes to CUA: Presenting "Nine"

Catholic University’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music presents the musical, “Nine”, based on Federico Fellini's semi-autobiographical film, “8½”. The 200 square foot back drop depicting the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge is painted by local artist Jeff Wilson. The show is directed by Kurt Boehm, with musical direction by Denise Puricelli -- straight from Broadway! The show is loaded with energy -- superb costuming -- stunning vocals-- great dancing -- ALL PLAYED BEFORE A LIVE ORCHESTRA!
  Tickets are $15 for general admission and $10 for students, seniors and CUA alumni, faculty and staff.  Performances are Nov 12, 13, 14, and 19, 20, 21; Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2:00. Presented in Ward Recital Hall, just north of the Basilica on Harewood Road, next to the Hartke Theatre. Ward Recital Hall is an intimate space with real charm -- exposed old brick, heavey construction beams, chandeliers, and nice accoustics. A perfect period location for a period Venetian piece. Call to get your tickets because some shows have been selling out! For more information, contact the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at  202-319-5414.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Early Morning Shooting Near Ft. Totten

  Shots rang out in the early morning near the Ft. Totten Metro today.  The MPD and US Park Police were called to Fort Circle Park at the intersection of Galloway and 11th St. NE at around 3 in the morning.  The victim appears to be an adult male who suffered a gun shot to the head, but details beyond that have not been released.  What makes this particularly disturbing is that the area this violent crime took place in is know for a having very low crime rate.  This raises the question of what could have caused such a violent crime in such a quiet and safe neighborhood.  Currently the MPD is leading the investigation, and the Park Police have closed Fort Circle Park indefinitely.  A statement is scheduled to come from the MPD regarding the crime shortly and will hopefully shed some light on the incident.  One thing is for sure, however, and that is the entire neighborhood is on edge as the investigation continues.

-UPDATE- reports that "D.C. police have identified the man who was fatally shot in a Northeast park early Friday as 29 year-old Keith Banks. 
Banks, of the 300 block of Quackenbos Street NW, was found unconscious in the 1100 Block of Galloway Street NE about 3 a.m. by officers responding to a report of gunfire.
Banks had been shot and was unresponsive, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said."

Anyone with information is asked to call (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIME (1-888-919-2746).

Thursday, November 11, 2010


  That special time of the month is almost upon us, the monthly ANC 5A Monthly Community Meeting.  This months meeting will take place next wednesday, Nov 17th, from 6:30 - 9:00 PM at the Church of Our Savior (1616 Irving Street, NE). 

The agenda will include the following:
· Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr.
· MPD – 5D Police Report
· Community Concerns
   (1) Renewal of Liquor License for Lace
   (2) Renewal of Liquor License for Eclipse
   (3) Ronald McDonald House Special Exception Approval limitation
· FORUM: Helping Our Elderly and Incapacitated Neighbors in Hard Times
· Guests: Representatives of resource agencies
· Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5A:
(5A-01) Sandi Washington, (5A-02) Patricia Roberts, (5A-03) Angel Alston, (5A-04) Herman Preston,
(5A-05) Stephen McCoy, (5A-06) John Feeley, Jr, (5A-07) Carolyn Steptoe, (5A-08) Timothy Thomas,
(5A-09) Shirley Rivens Smith, (5A-10) Phillip Blair, (5A-11) Janae Grant, (5A-12) Robert (Bob) King

The next ANC 5A Meeting is scheduled for wednesday, Jan 26th from 6:30 - 9:00 PM with the location still to be determined.