About Us

North Michigan Park, Brookland and Fort Totten...one of the few true "Communities" left in Washington,DC. This small section of DC surrounding Catholic University and the sometimes infamous Ft. Totten Metro, has always been a tight knit community filled with white and blue collar workers and their families. A place where for better or for worse, all the neighbors know the who, what, when and where of everyone on their block. A quaint series of  arts and crafts bungalows, victorians, tudors, dutch colonials and brick semi-attached row houses residing under a canopy of well established trees.
The ethnically diverse neighborhood which seemed more like a suburb of DC rather than part of the city, is changing. The acres of under or un-developed vacant land surrounding Metro Stations and lining the main streets, the abundance of green space provided by the Fort Circle Parks and catholic organizations, affordability of mid sized starter houses and easy pedestrian access to three major Metro Lines is causing a buzz in the N.E. neighborhood. No longer an ignored middle class section of the city, this area has been in the cross hairs of real estate developers for the past 4 years. With several major multi-million dollar projects planned, underway or completed the area looks to be on the rise. Whether or not you agree with this change, it is going to make for an interesting dynamic in the coming years.
It is the goal of this blog to chronicle the latest developments and possible impacts to the residents of this neighborhood, as well as the major interests and goings-on in the District.