Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Old To Us But New To You: The Brookland Cafe

Along the quiet and somewhat unremarkable Brookland Main Street, also know as 12th St. NE, sits a small neighborhood gem...The Brookland Cafe. In a neighborhood where dining is sometime limited to the choice between Pizza Boli and Subway or chinese take-out and Wings To Go, a new trend in modern eateries has begun to take hold.
Opening underneath the mostly unknown and unmarked Inn at Brookland earlier in 2009, sits this small cafe/lounge with a modern casual feel.
The Cafe boasts a menu that is a perfect analog for the neighborhood itself. Often when visiting the local hotspot, patrons are greeted and chatted up by owner Dmaz Lumukanda himself. Dmaz had always had a passion for food and wine, but noticed the lack of any sufficient upscale establishment in the Brookland area. The wonderful mix of southern inspired deserts, caribbean influenced appetizers, vegetarian staples and american classics has become a hit in the culturally diverse neighborhood. While the ever changing cocktail menu boasts a list of DC inspired beverages.
With reasonable prices and friendly service, it has become a local success. The Brookland Cafe a is great place to grab a drink and some food with friends and family. As their website states "We’re a discerning yet unpretentious neighborhood tavern and we’re looking for passionate individuals, foodies and wine/spirit lovers. Our atmosphere is friendly and upbeat." Being that the cafe is quaint (read:small), it gives you a definite chance to meet and mingle with neighborhood locals on almost any night. Like the cafe itself, the patrons are welcoming and eager to share with you the wonders their neighborhood has to offer.

--make sure you try the sweet potato cake or cupcake from Delectable Bakery...unlike anything else in the city--

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Anonymous said...

Yum!! The sweet potato cake and turkey burger sliders are amazing! Great suggestion!