Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Red Vests Are Coming: Costco is Coming to NE DC

   Bring on the behemoth.  Costco is preparing to be the first free standing Box Store in the District, and is landing right in NE DC's back yard.  Mayor Adrian Fenty's office sent out a media release stating that the Retail giant and Shoppers Food Warehouse would be opening on Ft. Lincoln Dr. near South Dakota and the BW Pkwy on ramp.  The media announcement scheduled for yesterday, was canceled due to logistics issues.  A new date has not yet been set.  But do not worry fair citizens, you will be buying 50 lb sacks of rice and 5 gal buckets of relish in no time. 
  Another interesting twist, is the possibility of Target opening another DC location in the same shopping center.  This could do amazing things for the lonely outpost neighborhood of Ft. Lincoln.  Currently the Dakota Crossing Town homes and Goodwill Industries are the only structures located in far N.E. besides a few industrial complexes.  The only possible issue is a complete lack of public transportation servicing the proposed sight. Although, as frequent patrons of the Costco in Pentagon City will note, bulk pallets of ketchup and mayo are a rare sight on the Metro.  More big things taking place in the best corner of the Capitol City!

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