Friday, August 13, 2010

CCDC Construction Update

CCDC, the newest announced construction project in the local area, is proving to be the most rapidly advancing of the set.  With it's doors scheduled to open in the Fall of 2010 for classes to begin, the face lift of the Backus Building is progressing along nicely.  Classrooms that once taught the pre-teens of DC their educational building blocks, are being completely gutted to make way for state of the art teaching tools for Associate Degree candidates.
A room that could train the Districts nurses, undergoes major surgery
1970's era security windows are being popped out left and right, completely changing the facade of the seasoned institution.
1970's windows hustle on out.
New operable windows will shed new light on potential Construction Degree Recipients
Contractor vehicles and dumpsters full of debris show the progress being made. Not even the monsoon's that rolled through the area yesterday could hamper their efforts.
Construction well underway
Windows dropping like they're hot.
A new entrance is next on the list. Hopefully the old school security doors will give way to a modern entry way with a welcoming feel.
Bad picture, but you get the idea...better one to come soon, we promise :/

Open in only a few months, the new CCDC Backus Campus will be the crowning achievement of the area redevelopment.

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