Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September DC Zoning Hearings of Interest and Pertainng to ANC 5A

  Here are a list of the upcoming DC Zoning Comission and Board of Zoning Adjustment hearings this month that may be of interest to our neighbors.  All hearings are held at:                               
                                                  One Judiciary Square
                                                  441 4th Street, NW
                                                  Washington, DC 2001

The full calender of the ZC and BZA can be found here.

Sept. 11 2012
9:30 AM

Case Number :18392
Case Name: Application of Betty J. Williams
Case Summary :(Special Exceptions) Pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3104.1, for a special exception under section 205 to allow a child development center (12 Children and 2 Teachers) in the R-2 District at premises 5350 Chillum Place, N.E. (Square 3751, Lots 138).

Case Number :18460
Case Name:Request for Expedited Public Hearing for Appeal No. 18460 of Ginia L. Avery, et al.
Case Summary :(Appeals) Pursuant to 11 DCMR §§ 3100 and 3101, from a decision by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, to issue a building permit (#B1202925) allowing the construction of a Walmart store in the C-3-A District at premises 5929 Georgia Avenue, N.W. (Square 2986, Lot 38).

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