Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two Arrested After Assualt on Green Line Train, at Ft. Totten

  A teenage gang from SE DC called the 44th St Crew assaukted 2 women on a green line train headed to Ft. Totten.  The gang comprised of both male and female teenagers, cornered two women on a green line train, stole iPhones and intimidated the women on their metro ride.  Once the train arrived at the Ft Totten Station one of women fought back and metro police were dispatched.  Two were arrested as a result of the attacks.  While not directly related to the neighborhood, it is a crime that will be reported as taking place in Ft. Totten. 
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   Perhaps one of the most disturbing facts of this event is that the teenagers posted the video on facebook as a means to gain respect and cred among their peers (although it does provide police with hard evidence of the event).  This is yet another reminder to be careful when riding the metro these days.  And while the complete apathy of the other riders on the train is a little demoralizing, remember that phones can always be replaced.  This should serve as another reminder to the community that petty theft tends to rise around the hoilday season, so you should be hyper vigilant in the coming weeks.
Stay safe, and have a safe and relaxing holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

Awful. I've seen fights like this before with groups, especially on the weekends. I tend to move to another car when a big group of teens gets on- sounds bad, but you never know.