Friday, February 8, 2013

Ft. Totten Square/Walmart Construction Begins

So now that things have began progressing, we thought we'd provide a construction update on what is happening over at the Ft. Totten Square site.  The new year has come and gone, and the site of the District's newest Walmart has begun buzzing with workers and machinery.  JGB Group sent out a press release detailing the project, which can be found here.  As the initial dig kicks off, the sound of pile driving equipment can be heard throughout the surrounding neighborhood.  The low hum of excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment fills the air.  Finally some real progress at the MUCH anticipated and LONG awaited Ft. Totten Square.

Looking SW From the Corner of 3rd & Chillum NE

Looking along the Chillum PL NE side of the site towards SD Ave.

View along the 3rd St NE Side of the Site,
South Towards the Riggs and SD Ave Intersection

View 1 Along Riggs Rd => North

View 2 Along Riggs Rd => North

View 3 Along Riggs Rd => North


Anonymous said...

It's scheduled to be finished only 6 years after they tore Tiger Mart down and put of the Ft. Totten Square signage. How long before we can get some movement on the development at South Dakota Ave and Gallatin?

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Anonymous said...

So now that Walmart is pulling out...nice hole in the ground

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