Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Construction Delays: Brokland Elementary To Stay Closed

 More delays and lack of funding has caused the renovation of Brookland Elementary to remain incomplete.  DC Chancelor of Schools Michelle Rhee, closed the community school adjacent to Turkey Thicket in 2008 for modernization.  The construction was supposed to be complete in order to accept students in the coming school year.  However, budget issues and construction delays have led to an indefinite delay in the reopening date.  The $200 Million capital revitilization project to renovate aging schools has been impacted by decreasing tax revenue and the country wide recession.  The massive school revitalization project has currently balloned to an outrageous $1 Billion...with no end in sight.   Students who had attended Brookland Elementary are currently enrolled in the cramped and aging  Bunker Hill Elementary on Michigan Ave.  For more information the Washington Post had a great article on the sad state of affairs cause by school construction czar Allen Y. Lew.

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