Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Divinely Decadent...Simply Delicious

   The daffodils and tulips emerging from the soil, the Cherry Blossom Festival a week away and a new pastry shop opening in Brookland...what a fitting start to spring.  After stumbling upon the grand opening of Divinely Decadent Desserts a few weeks ago, time was finally made to try out the wares of the NE Sweet Shop.  Tucked away in the recently renovated brick row houses on the corner of Evarts and 12 St's NE, sits the unassuming and quaint store front of Divinely Decadent.
  Although in it's early stages of operation, one can feel not only the passion but the possibilities of the shop immediately upon entering the door.  Greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff composed of mostly the friends and family of Carlynn Fuller, the cozy cafe atmosphere makes one feel as if they are stopping by a neighbors kitchen for a cup of coffee rather than going to a bakery.  The display case and counter area draws your eyes immediately with a cacophony of color and smells.  A look at the hand drawn menu on the wall immediately gives you a deeper understanding of the motive force behind Carlynn's entrepreneurial spirit.  With treats named after family and friends who either inspired the confection or simply couldn't get enough, it is obvious that the ingredient that makes these sweets so decadent is simply love. The love of family, friends, spirituality and community.
    After sampling Aunt Ella's German Chocolate Cupcake (with icing made from scratch daily that you could practically bathe in) Mark's Carrot Cake and Michelle's Cheesecake Tarts (with fresh strawberries to top) we were sold. Maybe it was the extremely high quality of their product , or "Michelle" behind the counter singing the praises of not only her her namesake tart  but the shop itself, but there was no way to avoid it...this place was VERY GOOD.  Not just good in the sense of "my grandmother makes good cupcakes" good...but rather professional grade good.  We would put this little shop in Brookland up against all the Cake Loves, Georgetown Cupcakes and Hello Cupcakes in DC any day of the week.  We may be somewhat geographically biased...but if you don't believe us try it, we dare you.
  Carlynn doesn't plan on simply owning a cupcake shop however. "She (Carlynn) plans on adding coffee and espresso to the menu, as well as displaying and selling art from some of the local galleries in Anacostia in the near future" as Michelle eagerly informed us. Once the shop starts operating on a 5-7 day a week schedule, more seating and tables will be added to finish off the cafe atmosphere.  This will transform D.D.D. into a  relaxing spot to grab some coffee and a pastry, enjoy local art or even have a cupcake named after you.  Yes that's right...if you have an idea for a new flavor, Carlynn does take requests.  And who knows, if it is a hit you may see your name immortalized in divinely decadent cupcake history for years to come! Enjoy.


Steven Sorrell said...

I'm really excited about this. With all the future growth and everything for the area, its good to see places like this spring up. I just hope that with this economy, it will be able to stay for a long time. Looks like I need to stop in and try it out.

Odessa Casimiro said...

We love D.D.D. the cupcakes and cakes will WOW you; our favorites are the Caramel & Red Velvet Cakes. We gave several as Holiday gifts and received "much praise" and many requests for the baker.