Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dog Found...Are you missing a Yorkshire Terrier???

Reader S.R. sent us the below message this morning regarding a Yorkshire Terrier she found this morning.  If you, or some one you know are missing a dog, please read below and help this little guy out.
Hello There,  
I'm hoping you can post something for me. I was out running at about 7:30 this morning on Puerto Rico Ave NE and I found a little stray dog who kept wandering into traffic. He (or she?) looks like he may be a Yorkshire Terrier. He has a pink harness on but no collar. I got him to follow me home and now Animal Control is on their way to pick him up. Unfortunately I can't keep him here because I have my own dog and a cat. Animal Control will only keep him for five days, so I'm really hoping that if you can post this information and some pictures on your blog, whoever lost him can go pick him up before it's too late. AC's phone number is: 202-576-6664.



Anonymous said...

There were signs all over South Dakota for a missing Yorkie a couple of weeks ago! I will try to find the number.

Steven Sorrell said...

Just saw this, has this dog been returned yet? I believe it may be owned by Lisa, who lives on the corner of 6th Place and Emerson, next to the wine distribution place.