Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Mugging in Ft. Totten Metro Station Park Path

  The MPD 4th District sent out an alert early this morning around 7 or 8 AM that a robbery at gun point took place in the park separating Galloway and Gallatin St's NE.  The Alert read

"4D- Robbery Gun- 550 Galloway St NE, LOF, B/M,
 Bushy Hair, Dark skin, sweat shirt and Bl. Jeans." 

View 550 Galloway St NE in a larger map  
  This seems to be another in an escalating trend of violent crimes emanating from, and centered around, the Ft. Totten Metro and the National Park land that separates the North Michigan Park Community from the Ft. Totten Metro.   Several i the community feel that this trend is reminiscent of 8+ year ago when the National Park Land was a site of many violent crimes, ranging in severity.   Over the past 4 ears or so, it has seen a dramatic decline in crime. However, it seems that local criminals have found fertile hunting ground at the area surrounding the Metro Station. Many in the neighborhood are not too happy with the current response of the MPD regarding these act of violence.  For this reason it has been suggested that the MPD 4th District PSA for 405 (section of the 4th District covering this neighborhood ) should be made aware of these issues.  The following message was sent this afternoon to Lt. Rogers asking for clarification and a possible community meeting to discuss these issues.  Please read/share/provide input and participate in the poll regarding a community meeting addressing these issues. 

"Lt. Rogers,
   My name is Joe Finley and I am a community blogger for the Ft. Totten area, and a homeowner over on the 700 block of Farragut PL, NE.  It has come to my attention that there was a robbery at gun point in the park that separates Gallatin and Galloway St's NE early in the morning very recently (I am hearing this morning).  This is very disturbing news as it seems that violence in the park has once again began to rise.  Not only has the frequency of the attacks seem to be increasing, but the seriousness also seems to be increasing (just a month or so ago a friend of mine was assaulted with a pipe and had his phone stolen, and now a crime involving a firearm).  I have been sent numerous requests from people who follow my blog asking for information on what the MPD and Park Police plan to do regarding this increase in crime in the area and particularly around the Metro Station.  It seems as if most of the neighbors feel the MPD's response is simply "don't go through the park," or that "it is just a number game."  I for one don't believe that either of those are appropriate answers, nor are they the a reflection of the official position of the MPD.  Is there anything you can tell me regarding the MPD's plans to address these problems, or the things the neighborhood can do to help make the area safer?  l'd also like to suggest the possibility of a community Q and A session to talk about their concerns and what they see as the issues and possible solutions.  I appreciate you taking your time to read this and look forward to hearing back from you and possibly working with you to disseminate information in the future.
Joe Finley
The Totten Life Blog"


Nathan said...

It is my roommate who was attacked. I have called the city multiple times. When I spoke to someone at NPS about this today, her advice was to send a letter to Jonathan Jarvis, the directr of NPS. She said to create a record of all previous complaints and city inactions and send it to him. CC police chief, councicmember, and mayor. Specifically ask:

Who is gonna take action?
Who is gonna protect me?
When will this happen?

Director of NPS: Jonathan B. Jarvis
Send by mail: United States Department of the Interior
National Park Service
1849 C St. NW
Washington, DC 20240

I will. I also called the councilmembers office and the police (who seemed to not care less)

Amanda said...

Has there been any follow up on these issues in the last week?

Can the NPS simply light the trail or the surrounding area further? How many attacks will it take before they take this seriously?

My bf and I were having this discussion last night. We used the trail at dusk together to walk home and I stopped short. There was a man urinating at the end of the trail. My bf thinks he was taking a leak before driving home (he went to a parked car on Gallatin after we walked by and drove away), I was a little more shaken up (but I also saw him exposed and standing at the end of the trail).