Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picture This: Ft. Totten Photo Stream

  Ahhh the end of summer...a time to ease back into your normal life and reflect on your travels, outdoor fun, vacation, staycation or the fact you didn't do a thing!  And what better way to reflect on your summer than helping us update our Flickr Stream and share photos of our community?  What we are looking for you ask? Well it's pretty simple, any picture pertaining to the neighborhood that you would like everyone/anyone to see.  This can be from a walk you took, an event held nearby, your home, your pets, development, anything that has a direct connection to our community. We will use these photos to update our photo stream, and give everyone access to them as an archive. Hopefully we have people out there who have some talent, a good eye, and would like to share it with the neighborhood.  Also of note, we may use some of these photos in blog posts as applicable, especially if it is from an event where we were unable to get coverage, or even feature particularly relevant or interesting photos.  So, if you are interested shoot us a message at TheTottenLife at and we will be sure to add your pictures.  So with that please help spread the word, and show the rest of The District what a great neighborhood we live in!

**Note: You retain all rights to pictures provided to the photo stream, and pictures can be removed at any time per your request. We also do not profit from this blog, nor will we utilize you photographs for profit**

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