Friday, May 14, 2010

CUA's Columbus Community Legal Services Receives Largest Single Donation in its History

From Columbus School of Law Press Release:
"  By any measure, it’s one heck of a birthday present. The Columbus School of Law’s legal clinic, which is celebrating 40 years of existence in 2010, received a gift of more than $222,000 on May 7th, the most magnanimous donation in its history.
   The clinic is one of 13 charitable legal programs, most of them in Maryland, to benefit from more than $2 million in unclaimed money left over from a successful large class-action lawsuit that was brought against Cellular One (now a division of AT&T) in 1999.  The suit claimed the wireless carrier overcharged late fees to customers in violation of Maryland law.  Lead attorney's for the plaintiffs’ class, John Beins, Seth Goldberg and Paul Gleiberman, litigated..."

Congrats to the Columbus School of Law or their success.  Got to The Columbus Shcool of Law's Article  for the full story.

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