Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Washington Hospital Center Nursing Protest

  Along the Michigan Ave. entrance to the Washington Hospital Center, dozens of Nurses and supporters are out braving the elements protesting changes to the nursing contract proposed by the hospital's new management.  Negotiations between Nurses United of the National Capital Area and WHC's new head honchos have been ongoing for weeks, attempting to bridge the gaps dividing the two sides.  The major issue seems to be a proposed change in staffing levels.  The 1,600 nurses employed by WHC are citing that a change to the current staffing levels (proposed by WHC as a cost saving measure) will cause a drop in the quality of care patients will receive, in particular patients with critical needs.  As the current Nursing contract expired yesterday (originally slated to expire April 24 but extended through May 10), the nurses are out in mass taking their message to the street.

Q: What do you do when your nose goes on strike?
A: Picket. 

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Anonymous said...

The nurses were already pretty short staffed, with too many patients per nurse, when I was a resident physician there a few years ago. I hope it doesn't get worse. It's a great hospital but a lot of that is dependent on nursing care.