Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clear Those Election Blues With A Home Brew Fest Benefiting The Ft. Totten Community Garden

  As the District sits back and holds their collective breath as the the Poll results are calculated, we have a wonderful event to take your mind off of the potential change in leadership of our fair District...a home brewed beer fest!!!  To make it even sweeter, or maltier perhaps, the particular Home Brew Fest is being held as a fund raiser for the Mamie D. Lee Community Garden at the Ft. Totten Metro.  So break out your carbouys, fermentation locks and hydrometers and show the local green thumbs what you can do!
  This wonderful home honed fermented potables (that fancy speak for home brewed beer) contest will be held this Saturday Sept. 18 at the La Casa Community Center in Mt. Pleasant (3166 Mt. Pleasant Street NW).  The Home Brew Harvest Fest will run from 7-10 PM and cost $10 per person to enter.  The contest is open to all levels, beginner through expert, and will be judged by the paying attendees.  All entries will be judged on overall popularity, and brewers are encouraged to enter as many subcategories as they would like to(with prizes to be awarded in all categories).  There will also be a home brew workshop from 7-8 PM, explaining the process of home brewing to all those interested!   If you would like to enter your home brewed concoction, details can be found here.  All proceeds will go towards installing a fence around the 68 plot community garden located at the Ft.Totten Metro Station, to fend off those pesky deer from eating the gardeners hard work.  

Thanks to reader Jessica Lombardo for the heads-up on this event...it looks to be a really great time!

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