Thursday, September 9, 2010

New North Michigan Park Neighborhood Signs

Proposed Sign Design
  The Friends of North Michigan Park Civic Association is making a push for community beautification and  identity retention.  With the projected increase in both pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the growing area, the FNMPCA want to make sure the neighborhood of North Michigan Park is well defined, and not just lumped in as part of the Ft. Totten Area t.  How do they plan on accomplishing this, well  through the installation of 30 metal banner signs similar to those found in Dupont Circle and Capital Hill. 
   Currently the FNMPCA has submitted plans for approval by the neighborhood ANC's, which need to sign off on the project, in order to get a DDOT permit to install the signs.  The current plans has the 30 signs lining the major thoroughfares of the neighborhood, including South Dakota Ave, Gallatain and 8 St along with others.  Pending ANC approval, which the plan already seems to have, the signs will be fabricated by Gelberg Signs on Washington, DC and delivered for installation.  Not set time line appears to be in place, but it is assumed that once DDOT approve the installation permit the signs should be up in no time.

View NMP Banner Pole Locations in a larger map

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