Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Brookland Food Beat

As the heat of summer imposes it's will on the DC area, it is time for a quick update on the food front.  There are two items to note  in particular taking place on 12th Street NE. 
  First is the long awaited ABRA decision regarding the Brookland Cafe.  We are happy to report that after a 6 month long battle, the Cafe has finally received it's ABRA Liquor License and is once again serving it's signature drinks and other alcoholic wares along with their wonderfully crafted food.  Although the Cafe has yet to update it's website menu, they have been  posting drinks specials on their Facebook page, as well as outside their establishment.  Congrats to the management, and we look forward to seeing what you can do to wow us!
  Second is the renovation and official name change of Bobby Q's restaurant to Optimism.  The ever changing store-front location, on the corner of Kearny and 12th St. NE, seems to be a revolving door for the restaurant and bar industry.  The long time location of  Nate's Comfort Zone became Bobby Q's Restaurant  about a 2 years ago (a barbecue and take-out location, turned bar/lounge), in which the bar was more acclaimed than the BBQ.  Recent refurbishment and renovation of the site showed an official change to a new name, Optimism (completed by new signage on the building).  Owned and operated by the owners of Bobby Q's, Optimism is billed as an upscale Bar/Lounge featuring live music, sporting events, late night drinks and a limited bar menu. 
  It is always good to see new ventures taking off on the Brookland Main Street, and we look forward to the contnue success of these two re-vamped establishments! 

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