Monday, July 26, 2010

DDOT Visitor Parking Permit Program Launches in ANC 5A

 Tired of pesky meter maids ticketing and towing your visitor's cars from in front of your house? 
Don't have time to stand in line at your local district Police Department to get a temporary visitor's pass? 
Well, all your worries and troubles are about to end!
The District Department of Transportation, producers of such useful products as "the courtsey tow" and "the emission inspection station," unveil their newest product the Visitor Parking Permit.
Following the success of DDOT's other pilot VPP programs in other areas of the city, ANC 5A is the newest neighborhood to be issued the nifty annual passes.  The first set of passes were mailed out to eligible residents on the 19th of July and just started showing up in mail boxes today.  Keep an eye open for the new parking passes in your mailboxes in the upcoming days, and as usual be sure to follow the rules...or DDOT will make you pay (more). 

You can find out more about the VPP program HERE.

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