Thursday, July 15, 2010

DDOT Far-Northeast Tranpostation Viability Study Saturday

From DDOT:
"  The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is inviting residents to participate in a public workshop this Saturday to help identify comprehensive solutions to improve transportation in Far Northeast DC. The workshop is an important component of the Far Northeast Livability Study, which was launched last month to address issues that impact mobility, accessibility and traffic safety.
Meeting Information:
What Far Northeast Livability Study Public Workshop
When   Saturday, July 17, 2010
10 am – 1 pm
Where Friendship Public Charter School - Collegiate Academy
4095 Minnesota Avenue NE

The school is across the street from the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station on the Orange Line, and is also accessible on the Metrobus “U” routes.
More information about the Far Northeast Livability Study is available online at The project website includes an interactive Comment Map where residents can pinpoint issues and suggest locations for transportation improvements.
Livability Program Overview
Far Northeast is one of 3 multi-neighborhood areas DDOT is currently evaluating as part of its new Livability Program.  The studies will take into account recommendations from previous studies and meld them with ongoing efforts detailed in DDOT’s Action Agenda [PDF]. The studies support not only DDOT’s desire to create more “livable” spaces for residents but also US DOT’s recent Livability Initiative which includes goals to provide more transportation choices, provide more sustainable alternatives, safer streets, and improve the quality of life for citizens.
 A website is available that links to each study, provides information on the public outreach component, highlights discussions and recommendations, and allows for further interaction from the community. All three studies and future information on the larger Livability Program may be found at Click on the Livability Program icon."


Anonymous said...

I like the effort used to produce your blog and appreciate the information. Hope you keep it up. Few small things. What happened to Michigan Park, Queens Chapel, Woodridge? The Anacostia River has kept Far NE and Upper NE from being a community. Why go there? The Archdiocese of Wash has been selling land to developers around CUA for years replacing fields where kids used to play year round with high density housing. Many residents think that has not helped the community.

Totten Life said...

Thanks for the input...if you know of things taking place in the other less busy areas please let us know!!! We have done a few pieces on the Abdo development planned near CUA and will run an update soon. Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I will let you know of things happening in those areas. My comments on that were directed toward your description of the Fort Totten community. Just felt like Michigan Park, Queens Chapel and Woodridge were left out. Following the blog's development is interesting. Maybe a case study.