Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CCDC Bertie Backus Campus Update

   Everyone knows that battling intermittent fits of boredom at work is best accomplished by wandering across the vast ocean of nonsense known as the the interwebs (thank you Al Gore).  Well, as we sit and try to think of ways to best avoid getting pinched by the boss for wasting time, it was noted that an update was well over due for one of the most exciting developments in ANC5A...the CCDC (or Community College of the District of Columbia for the un-initiated) expansion to Bertie Backus.
   When we first reported the news of the City Council's transfer of the property to UDC in December, no firm plans had been laid out for the exact use or time-line of the once proud but now vacant building.  Well have things changed!!  It seems as if the now (semi) autonomous CCDC is moving with a speed very seldom seen in the Nation's Capitol, and are projecting an ambitious August 2010 opening date.  With finalized design and budget plans only being released in March, the new CCDC Campus not only has a plan for completing the renovations, but also a purpose for the facility.  The once proud Backus building used to educate pre-teens, will now be utilized to house CCDC's practical nursing, nursing assistant, and home health aide programs as well as the fashion merchandising and construction management degree programs (with continued expansion planned to utilize the entire structure inside and out).

"The CCDC Campus Complex is planned to open in three phases. Phase 1 involving a Design-Build Renovation of approximately 45,000 Sq. Ft. of space in the facility is being renovated under a separate agreement and will open in August 2010. Phase 2 and 3 will entail the complete renovation of the remaining 85,000+ Sq. Ft of the facility. This full service design effort is a major part of the renovation of the space, scheduled to be completed in January 2011 (Phase 2) and August 2011 (Phase 3). The University has completed a CCDC programming effort." 
Appendix A of  Design of a Community College Complex for the Bertie Backus Campus 
   The current plan for Phase 1 looks to utilize a single corridor on the first and third level of Backus, with each consisting of classrooms, faculty office space and common study areas.  The second floor is currently listed as PCS space, which is assumed to mean Public Charter School (although nothing has been confirmed).  Plans for Phase 2 and 3 have yet to be finalized, but are thought to improve on the buildings exterior structure and outside common areas as well as expanding to utilize the buildings entire interior space. 
   Not only will this bring some much needed attention to the quiet neighborhood, but the potential community outreach and perks aren't bad either.  Along with access to education events, job fairs and special presentations, community members will also be able to reserve space for non school related special events (although we are sure this will come at a cost).  The potential boom to the NE economy could be a bonus also...especially considering the open store fronts at the Ft. Totten Metro (can you say coffee house or cafe?) are a stones throw away from the Campus. Hopefully CCDC will stay on time and on budget with this project, and truly utilize the site to it's full potential!


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